When It Is All Over...
A Dress Designed For Post COVID-19
We are missing much since the COVID-19 pandemic started. We haven't had a sit-down dinner with our families and friends for a while. We occasionally see our co-workers on the computer or phone screen while having an online meeting. Our children miss their friends at school. Their learning might be behind due to lacking the school resource at home. We have practiced keeping the awkward 2 meters distance with strangers: in the grocery store, coffee shop, park, sidewalk, almost anywhere, and even with neighbours in apartment building hallways.
We hope the pandemic is ending, but the news just reported somewhere has another community outbreak. We want to belive that 2020 cannot become worse. When the pandemic ends, we must rejoice and focus on social and natural renewal.
This is a party dress for the post COVID-19 celebration. During the stay at home lockdowns, we had more free time. We walked and biked more in the neighbourhood. We also spent more time gardening and tending our families and homes. We invested in renewal. Therefore, the blooming summer garden scene inspires me the most.
The dress' palette has the colours in the fabric natural dying process, such as birch bark, carrot juice, pink clay powder, charcoal, red lily, crowberry. Handcrafting details like crochet and smocking tells the story of "the quiet moment we reflect with ourselves".
When it is all over, we will celebrate together that we found ourselves renewed through time and nature. This dress is for that extraordinary moment.
2D Pattern Drafting + 3D Virtual Sampling
This is an example of 2D pattern drafting and 3D virtual sampling.
A Creative Project: COVID-19
I would like to capture the beauty of how we are staying strong to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. 
We, as humans, have overcome countless diseases in the past. Now, we have a new challenge. Personal protective equipment (PPE) is used and worn everywhere against the virus that can not be seen. However, under the masks, gloves, and visors, we are not invincible. The virus has spread to the world before we knew it and could take proper preventative action. 
In my fashion design, I combined personal protective equipment (PPE) with armour, shaped wear, and corsetry to portray the modern warrior. The light, translucent, sheer materials in various hues of blues are in contrast with tiny shiny red glass beads. These beads represent the invasion of COVID-19 into the body via the lungs and are symbolic of the war we are in with the coronavirus. 
We must and shall continue our conversations and keep our minds open, as we are in this together, but at a distance.

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