Hana Chiang is a designer and illustrator originally from Taiwan, now based in Vancouver, Canada. Hana was trained in graphic design and fine art at Fu Jen Catholic University in Taiwan, then completed a Fashion Design diploma at Blanche Macdonald Centre in Vancouver. 
In the past 10 years, Hana has worked in garment design, development, and production in the studio, CMT locally, and have been working with vendors overseas. She is experienced in women's wear, men's wear, and children's wear in commodities of woven tops, knits, dresses, sweaters, outerwear, denim, leggings, intimates, and other bottoms.
Hana holds a Fit Technician role at Bootlegger in Richmond, Canada. In addition to her full-time engagement, she is available for collaborations and commissions. Inquire here.
Hana believes that the best working process brings out the best result. She carefully considers each step from research to sketches, development, and final design. She often asks herself lots of questions, like "Is there a different or better way to do this?", "Who is this for?", and "What is the purpose?".
Hana also has great curiosity and a desire to continue learning new skills, new processes, and to work with new people. She would like everyone to see her passion through her work.
3D Virtual Fashion / Apparel product research & design / trend & colour research / print textile design / garment fitting & technical design / fashion illustration​​​​​​​

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